Full Service Lube & Wash *

  • Up to Five Quarts of Quality Motor Oil (Choose from Regular, High Mileage, Full Synthetic, or Diesel Oil)
  • Install New Oil Filter
  • FREE Exterior Car Wash
  • FREE 12 Points Inspection & Fill
    • Lubricate chassic
    • Check air filter
    • Check breather element & PCV valve
    • Check battery fluid
    • Check/fill brakes fluid
    • Check/fill power steering fluid
    • Check/fill engine coolant level (only Green coolant)
    • Check/fill windshield fluid
    • Check transmission fluid
    • Check windshield wiper blades
    • Check exterior lights
    • Check & Set Tire Pressure
Why use Full Synthetic Oil?
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Reduce friction and wear
  • Decrease oil consumption
  • Better engine performance at lower temperatures
  • Extend oil change intervals
Why use High Mileage Oil?
  • Recommended for vehicles over 75K
  • Cleaner engine and reduced formation of deposits
  • Helps prevent leaks and Reduced oil consumption
  • Helps provide faster and easier cold starts
  • Extra wear protection and prevents horsepower loss
  • Helps increase fuel economy and extends the life of your engine
Other Services
Car Wash Not Included

  • Transmission Service
The transmission gets power from the engine to the wheels. Service prolongs transmission life and reduces excessive transmission wear, rough shifting and/or premature transmission failure.

  • Radiator Flush & Fill
The radiator keeps your engine from overheating in warmer months and freezing up in the winter. Service replaces old anti-freeze/engine coolant and also eliminates overheating, freeze-up, rust and corrosion as well as lubricating the water pump.

  • Air Filters Replacement
The air filter keeps contaminants out of the engine’s moving parts. Air filter replacement keeps the engine free of airborne contaminants, and can improve engine performance and fuel economy, as well as lower emission output.

  • Cabin Air Filters Replacement
The Cabin Air Filter removes the dust, pollen, mold spores and other particles that can flow inside the passenger compartment of your vehicle, especially in certain driving conditions such as city driving, dusty roads, and industrial areas.

  • Fuel System Cleaning Service
The fuel system provides power to your engine. Service removes fuel-related deposits from fuel system and valves, eliminating problems such as surging, stalling, hesitation and poor fuel economy and helps restore performance, mileage and power. Also helps pass emissions tests.

  • Fuel Filter Replacement Service
Clean fuel is essential for efficient engine performance, and fuel filters remove unwanted contaminants from the fuel system. Replacement of a restricted or plugged fuel filter enables contaminants that may cause serious and expensive damage to the system components to be removed.
We offer the following type of Regular Oil

  • Low Viscosity Oil: 5W20
  • All Climate: 5W30 / 10W30
  • Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil: Rotella 15W40
Others Services
Car Wash Not Included

  • Battery Replacement
We offer top quality 3 year nationwide warranty batteries! Avoid waking up to go to work and your vehicle doesn’t start! Our technicians will do a full battery test which will also test your starter and alternator.

  • Battery Cleaning
Our technician will clean and remove corrosion on terminals and using a spray protectant to prevent corrosion.

  • Windshield Wiper Replacement
See more clearly in rainy weather! Safety is improved by providing the driver optimum visibility of road conditions, pedestrians and other vehicles. Winter blades help prevent freeze-ups and iced windshields.

  • Exterior Lighting Inspection & Replacement
Make sure you can see and be seen! Magic Rabbit provides a free light inspection with every Full Service Oil Change. Replacing burned out lights ensures your legal compliance and your safety.

  • Serpentine Drive Belt Replacement Service
A Serpentine Drive Belt is a continuous loop belt that snakes its way through and around your engine compartment to drive power to major engine parts. Replacing your serpentine drive belt as needed will ensure optimum performance from your engine and prevent the inconvenience of having your vehicle break down, because of belt breakage. Our technicians will inspect the condition of your belt and look for excessive cracks, dry rot and missing chunks.
* Additional charge for:

  • over 5 quarts of motor oil; taxes
  • expensive oil filter; waste disposal fee;
Note: Customer will not hold this service center responsible for any pre-existing conditions or untimely / improper prior maintenance of this vehicle.

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